Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. – Matthew 25:13

The Bride of Christ is commanded to watch for Christ’s return, because if we do not watch the signs of the end times, we would be caught off guard without a full oil lamp as mentioned in The Ten Virgins parable. Jesus is coming sooner than most people think. The Rapture and the Great Tribulation is at the door and only those who are ready will be raptured to heaven to partake the Marriage Supper of The Lamb. Through the God’s Clock and Calendars, it shows that between 2018-2019 would be the end of age, for we are truly in the final generation, where everything on the earth shall be changed and nothing shall be the same anymore.

Many are looking towards the Rapture timing, but there must be events to come before this to be commenced. The sixth seal is the measure for us. There will be the First Call Transformation, surrounding the events of The 3 Days of Darkness, The 40 plus days Harvest before the Rapture. This is all in accordance to the biblical pattern, especially with the pattern of Christ’s crucifixion. Simply said, since Jesus had 3 hours of darkness shall mirror to this final generation of a 3 days of cosmic warning event to come, according to Matthew 16. God’s Clock shows that the timing of man is different than the timing of God, so what God sees an hour is different than what man sees an hour. Jesus then had His 3 days of burial, representing the 3 days of darkness, where He was transfigured around that time, thus the Bride will too be transformed into her new incorruptible body. Please note that this is NOT the rapture yet, for there will be approximately 40 days of ministry of the Bride to the lost and dying world after the 3 days of darkness in her transformed body, just as Jesus had His 40 days of ministry on the earth after His transfiguration, then He was ascended to heaven. The Bride is crucified of the flesh and so as Jesus, so she follows this same pattern of being raptured after this 40 days timeframe. Although, we would not know the day or the hour of His return, because just as the mother gives birth after her 40 weeks of pregnancy, she knows she is about to give birth at any moment, but never knows exactly when. This is the same pattern for Jesus’ return.

We can know the season and very possibly the timing of the First Call Transformation date, but not very much of the Rapture date as many are trying to speculate, however, this website has narrowed down a boundary of the acceptable timeframe of the Rapture. The speculation for the First Call Transformation and the dates of its surrounding events are as followed:

First Call TransformationNovember 24-25, 2018
3 Days of Cosmic Warning – November 24-27/ 25-28
3 Days of Worldwide Darkness – November 27-30/ 28-1
40 Days of Ministry Begins – November 30/ December 1
Rapture – Beyond January 10, 2019/ but within January
40-42th Weeks Pregnancy Deadline – January 14-22, 2019
7 Years of Tribulation = 3.5 Years From 2015-2022
Great Tribulation Duration 3.5 Years – 2019-2022