This research has lasted for around 5-6 years, inspired by the Holy Spirit. The chapters will walk through the explanation behind the God’s Clock and Calendars, with a core basis on The Sabbatical Code, inspired biblically. The speculation from the Introduction page shall be supported through these chapters below. We are truly in the final generation to Yahushua’s imminent return! Bride of Christ, it is time to get ready for the Marriage Supper of The Lamb!

Chapter 1 – Introduction to The Sabbatical Code
Chapter 2 – Construction of God’s Clock and Calendars
Chapter 3The Working of God’s Clock and Calendars
Chapter 4Four Blood Moons Tetrad & Year 2015/2018
Chapter 5The Rapture & Great Tribulation Begins 2019
Chapter 6The Sabbatical Code of 2018-2019/2015-2016
Chapter 7The Great Tribulation 3.5 Years From 2019-2022
Chapter 8First Call Transformation By Sabbatical Procedure
Chapter 9The 70th Mark of Completion of Year 2015/2018
Chapter 10The 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks & Decoding EVE
Chapter 11 – The 6-7th Seal Approximate Timeline of Events
Chapter 12The Euler’s Number Pertaining to Transformation
Chapter 13Pi, 9-11 Terrorist Attack & Transformation
Chapter 14The 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks Continued & 3Pi
Chapter 15God’s Clock Constellation Map & Pi the Phi
Chapter 16Israel & The Double Pointers of God’s Clock
Chapter 17The Fall of Mankind & The Fall Quadrant
Chapter 18The Sub-Stations of 6-7th Day Rule of 9-11
Chapter 19The Core Station of First Call Transformation
Chapter 20The 7 Days of Creation, Crucifixion & 6th Seal