This page reiterates and summarizes the commentaries succinctly into 7 sections. It highlights the main points from those 67 posts, for those readers who want to understand it quickly.

First Stepping Stone

Unraveling the 3 keys of transformation, God’s Clock, God’s Calendars and The Sabbatical Code, explaining the construction and working of God’s Clock, Calendars and Sabbatical core basis.

Second Stepping Stone

God’s Clock in sync with The Sabbatical Code, 4 blood moons tetrad, decoding the relationship between the years 2015-2016 and 2018-2019, the Tribulation period, the 6000-7000th mark, the creation year, the gauge of Israel, the land of Israel, the birth of Israel, the fall quadrant, superimposed world map, world events, East direction and the midnight hour.

Third Stepping Stone

God’s Calendars in sync with The Sabbatical Code, the 6-7th day rule of sub-stations and core stations, markers and sub-markers, Elul 29 and Tishri 29, relationship networks and operations.

Fourth Stepping Stone

Mathematical equations in sync with The Sabbatical Code, 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks, decoding Eve, Euler’s number, Pi, 3Pi, Phi, the 6-7th seals, Genesis 4 and constellation map.

Fifth Stepping Stone

The biblical scriptures in sync with The Sabbatical Code, the mirroring pattern of the 7 days of creation, crucifixion of Christ and the 6th seal. Genesis 1-2, Matthew 27 and Revelation 6.

Sixth Stepping Stone

Transformation timeline speculation by Sabbatical procedure, Jesus, Enoch and Elijah, second portion, Pentecost, the year 2015, Ides of March, First Passover, Enoch’s calendar, market crashes, September 17, 2001, September 29, 2008, October 29, 1929 and 9-11 terrorist attack.

Seventh Stepping Stone

Rapture speculation by Sabbatical procedure, Jesus, Enoch and Elijah, first portion, the trump of God, the Hebrew years 5776 and 5779, the 3-days and 40-days rule, 2016 Rosh Hashanah, the Hebrew years 5776-5777, Genesis 7, 6th seal repeated reference, Second Passover and 120 years mark.