Sabbatical Highlight

First Step – Israel is the gauge, which is the pointer of God’s Clock, pointing between 6-7 o’clock.

Second Step – 6-7 o’clock belong to 2018-2019. Israel is the gauge. 2018 is the 70th birth date of Israel represents completion, it is one generation as described in Matthew 24. God’s Clock equates 2018 = 2015, which is the 67th birth date of Israel at the same time. Genesis 4:24 and 3Pi confirm this, because Lyar 5 in April 20, 2018 = April 24, 2015.

Third Step – Focusing on 2015, by the sabbatical code of Israel’s 67th birth date. Since Israel is the gauge, Pentecost is the target on Sivan 6-7, which was on May 24-25, 2015.

Fourth Step – Going by 3-days + 40-days rule of Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and ascension pattern, representing the First Call Transformation (not the Rapture yet) and the Rapture, 2019 must be stuck with 2018’s timeframe (6-7 o’clock). God’s Clock reads 2019 January = 2016 Tishri (Jewish beginning of months), which was transitioning from the Hebrew year 5776-5777.

Fifth Step – To stick 2018-2019 together, placing the 3-days + 40-days rule timeframe would be closest to November’s family, based on May’s Pentecost, as both belong to group 2 and must belong to the same group to be equalized. This is confirmed by pointing to 2008’s direction, which was the year of the greatest market crash in a single day, which was the sabbatical code created 7776-7777, by adding the transitional Hebrew years and Gregorian years together (5768 + 2008 = 7776, 5769 + 2008 = 7777), as well as the point drop, plus its rounding up (-777.6 to -777.7).

Sixth Step – Confirming November 24-25, 2018 = May 24-25, 2015 (ironically echoes to Genesis 5:24, when Enoch was taken away by God to heaven without tasting death) as the speculated First Call Transformation, by reading the Jewish calendar in November 24-25, 2015 was Kislev 11 sunset to the 24th, which is equal to September 11 and is decoded Pi. If the Transformation be on 24-25th, then the 6th seal will be on 27-28th of November. Enoch’s calendar in 2018 confirms the same date, Kislev 11. Enoch’s birthday is on a Pentecost. Pi is a hidden sabbatical code, because according to the dual alphabetical system, MN = 13, 14 (3.141), Hebrew reads backwards. In the exploded form of MN is IVI and IV or VI, which is 67 and 7777 (from 4 of 7). November 24-25, 2018 will be on the 4th Saturday and 4th Sunday, making up the code 6666-7777. Furthermore, the 6th seal and the Transformation runs by the 6-7th day rule of Exodus 24:16.

Seventh Step – The 7th seal would therefore be in January 2019, by the 3-days + 40-days rule, adding from late November. Genesis 7 account of the flood, from verse 2-4, 10 exactly echo to October 2-4, 2016 Rosh Hashanah, which consisted of four times of “seven” as 7777. January 2019 would also be a Passover timeframe, since God’s Clock reads April 2019 = January 2019. Adding 40 days = 40 weeks of pregnancy (via God’s Clock), would make up the Rapture boundary from January 10th, 2019 until the end of the month as the high watch time.