Commentaries IV

Click the links below to navigate to the particular chapter. Using the God’s Clock and Calendars without The Sabbatical Code for the transformation speculation, is like having your cereal without your spoon. These chapters below explain the working of these two components together.

Chapter 61The 4th Commandment (Ex 20:8-11/Deut 5:12-15)
Chapter 62Decoding The Reversal of 9-10th Plagues of Egypt
Chapter 63Acts 27 Based on God’s Clock Superimposed Map
Chapter 64God’s Clock, Calendars & The Golden Rule of 3
Chapter 65 – Numbers 153, 711 & Jesus’ 12 to 11 Disciples Left
Chapter 66Revelation 6’s Sixth Seal & Revelation 9 Connection
Chapter 67Six Days War & Relationship Between 2018/1967