Commentaries III

Click the links below to navigate to the particular chapter. Using the God’s Clock and Calendars without The Sabbatical Code for the transformation speculation, is like having your cereal without your spoon. These chapters below explain the working of these two components together.

Chapter 41 – Genesis 2, The Sabbath & The Marriage
Chapter 42Rachel’s Death, Genesis 29 & Cheshvan 11
Chapter 43God’s Clock and Calendars Operations
Chapter 44 God’s Clock Sabbatical Year 5779/5776
Chapter 45The 3 Gates Symbol of The Sabbatical Code
Chapter 46Mirroring of Genesis 3-4 on God’s Clock
Chapter 47End Time Signs of 2018 & Christ’s Imminent Return
Chapter 48The Barley & The Wheat Brides of Revelation 6
Chapter 49Conception of Barley & Wheat Brides 40-40 Pattern
Chapter 50 – Doors of Passover, Matthew 25 & Revelation 3
Chapter 51The 7th Seal’s Half An Hour in God’s Clock
Chapter 52Even God & His Archangels Keep The Sabbath
Chapter 53How To Keep The 7th Day Weekly Sabbath Holy
Chapter 54Detailed Study of 9-11 Terrorist Attack Timeline I
Chapter 55Detailed Study of 9-11 Terrorist Attack Timeline II
Chapter 56Detailed Study of 9-11 Terrorist Attack Timeline III
Chapter 57Decoding 1221 Based On Genesis 3 & Ezekiel 21
Chapter 58Timing of Song of Solomon 2 via God’s Clock
Chapter 59Relationship Network of Markers Continued
Chapter 60Grapes Harvest Season & The Great Tribulation