Commentaries II

Click the links below to navigate to the particular chapter. Using the God’s Clock and Calendars without The Sabbatical Code for the transformation speculation, is like having your cereal without your spoon. These chapters below explain the working of these two components together.

Chapter 21Christ’s Near Summer Coming Timeframe
Chapter 22The First New Moon Delay of Rosh Hashanah
Chapter 23The Euler’s Number & Merging of 6-7th Seals
Chapter 24Christmas, Halloween & Same-Sex Marriage
Chapter 25CERN, Large Hadron Collider & 6th Seal
Chapter 26Woes of Wednesday’s Child & Ides of March
Chapter 27The First Call Transformation & The Rapture
Chapter 28The Sign of Jonah Precursor, Reversal & 6th Seal
Chapter 29Daniel 9, Sabbatical Code of Elul 29 & Tishri 29
Chapter 30 – Birth of Enoch, Enoch’s Calendar & The Bride
Chapter 31Birth of Jesus, East Gate & His Death Hour
Chapter 32The Trump of God & U.S.A. 45th President
Chapter 33The Midnight Hour In God’s Clock 12/12/12
Chapter 34The 13th Month, Adar II & God’s Calendars
Chapter 35Connecting All Festivals of God Together (Part 1)
Chapter 36Connecting All Festivals of God Together (Part 2)
Chapter 37Core Station & Sub-Station Rapture Reference
Chapter 38 – Markers, Sub-Markers & Relationship Networks
Chapter 39Norway & Cosmic Event of Matthew 16
Chapter 4070th Mark Deadline & Rapture Boundary