Seventh Stepping Stone

Rapture Speculation + The Sabbatical Code

No one knows the day or the hour of the Rapture, but we can know the boundary, because it is not a specific day or hour. The speculated transformation date leads to the rapture positioning in January, 2019, at the end of the 40 days rule counting from the end of the 3 days of darkness on November 30, 2018-December 1, 2018 lands onto January 10, 2019. The transformation is not the rapture. This means that beyond January 10, 2019 will be the high watch time for the rapture after this fulfillment of the 6-7th days + 40 days rule. When the Rapture occurs, the Great Tribulation commences at the same time. This is also confirmed by the highest rainfall in Israel in January, which echoes to the worldwide flood in Genesis 7 judgment. January, 2019 = Tishri, 2016 via God’s Calendars, the Rosh Hashanah back in 2016 was a Sabbatical transition of the Hebrew year 5776-5777. It was the same year when the U.S. president Donald Trump, symbolizing the Trump of God, the rapture, who was elected back in November, 2016 and was in office in January, 2017, indeed was a huge marker to the connection of 2018-2019, as explained there will be a repeated reference of the 6th seal of 2018. God’s Clock points to 2016 at 120 degrees, which is the 120 years of God’s tolerance, according to Genesis 6:3. The Hebrew year 5777 was overlapping in both Sabbatical years 2016-2017, which is read as 7776-7777.

After the 40 days of harvest = 40 weeks of a mother’s pregnancy, the wheat bride will be about to be given birth to. The speculated boundary is January 14-22, 2019, because it is equalized as the Second Passover, Nissan 14-22. The Rapture itself will be the Second Passover. This Second Passover, according to Euler’s double 1828, means that it should be referenced back to the speculated 6th seal date of November 27-28, 2018, especially no one knows the exact date of the Rapture, so this reference carries a lot of meaning when the 7th seal is specified to the 6th seal marker via God’s Calendars. This was hinted by the Comet Ison marker back in 2013. The Hebrew year 5779 is very significant, because it is attaching the Sabbatical years 2018-2019 together, this timeframe will be from Tishri 1, October 10, 2018 until Elul 29, September 29, 2019. This is then narrowed down to October 10, 2018 to May 10, 2019, which will be the 70th deadline of Israel’s birth date from 1948. The 70th mark of completion = 67th Sabbatical mark and must be maintained. Now, the speculated transformation and rapture are both within October 10, 2018 to May 10, 2019 acceptable Sabbatical timing.