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The 7 Days of Creation

The Crucifixion of Christ

The 6th Seal Timeframe

The 6th seal timeframe will be following the same pattern of the crucifixion of Christ and the 7 days of creation. The speculated 6th seal timeframe is from November 24, 2018 to November 30, 2018 in the northern hemisphere and November 25, 2018 to December 1, 2018 in the southern hemisphere. The speculated day of the 6th seal is November 27-28, 2018 in two different time zones. The speculation has been supported by a large amount of evidence and this is a secondary confirmation.

There were 7 days of creation at the very beginning, then there were 7 days during the crucifixion timeframe, although it was a subtle account of the 7 days, God’s Clock equates the 3 hours of eclipse before the death of Christ as 3 days. These 3 days prior to the death of Christ and the 3 days of burial after the death of Christ total up to 6 days. However, obtaining the measure from the September 11-17, 2001 timeframe, there were 7 days in total, from the terrorist attack in NYC to the great market crash in America. There are 6-7th days in total, since in order to fulfill 6 days and 6 nights, it has to start and end at midnight, as long as it does not start exactly at midnight, to fulfill 6 whole days, then it has to reach to the 7th day. Just as in Exodus 24:16, it proved about the 6 days and 7th day rule. Matthew 16:3 shows that the 3 days of warning starts in the morning, other than at midnight, thus the 6th seal timeframe will be based on the 6-7th day rule, which is 7 days just like the 7 days of creation and crucifixion.

The 7 days of creation started on Sunday, counting 3 days before Wednesday’s crucifixion was on Sunday and this also confirms November 25, 2018, which will be on a Sunday as well, sunset to the 24th. All set of 3 timelines are from Sunday to Wednesday to Saturday, which God’s Calendars have equalized Kislev 11-17 with Nissan 11-17 and Elul 25 to Tishri 2. November 28, 2018 matches Wednesday’s crucifixion back in Nissan 14 Passover. This is confirmed by the Ides of March, Kislev 14-15 equates as March 14-15 via God’s Calendars and it goes by the saying that Wednesday’s child is full of woes.

The first day of creation in Genesis 1 mirrors the first hour of the eclipse prior to the death of Christ and mirrors the first day of transformation around the 6th seal event. God created light in the first day of creation, the eclipse is related to the cosmic event of the 3 days of warning through the red skies around the globe and Psalm 18:28 is a transformation verse about God “lighting” up our candles in the darkness. Then, the midst of the 6-7th day rule, the fourth day of creation was the creating of the sun, moon and stars, echoing to the crucifixion and 6th seal event of Revelation 6, because during the time of the 6th seal, the scripture has mentioned about the sun will turn black, referring to the 3 days of worldwide darkness after the 6th seal worldwide earthquake, the moon will turn into blood, referring to the 4 blood moons tetrad marker and the stars will withdrawn its shining. This pattern of earth quake was described in Matthew 27’s account of the crucifixion. Finally, the seventh day of creation was the Sabbath, but it was 6 days of creation and the 7th day was rest, even though it is called the 7 days of creation. This pattern repeats at the end of the Christ’s 3 days of burial and at the end of the 3 days of darkness surrounding the 6th seal event, all of which ended on a Saturday Sabbath, sunsets to Friday, matching the Saturday on December 1, 2018, which sunsets to November 30, 2018, Friday. It was shown that Christ appeared transfigured after the 3 days of burial, which links up transformation and the sabbatical code together, on that 7th but 6 days when Jesus was transformed. This occurred before His ascension that symbolized the Rapture.