Fourth Stepping Stone

Mathematical Equations + The Sabbatical Code

Pi + The Sabbatical Code

Reading through the dual alphabetical system, Pi is decoded 911 and NM (13, 14 as Hebrews read backward). The Sabbatical Code is read through the exploded form of roman numerals as V I / I V and I V I, which is the Sabbatical Code of 67 (V I and V I I) and 7777 (I V and V I I as 4 of 7). This shows that September 11 = Kislev 11 is the key transformation date to focus on.

E + The Sabbatical Code

God’s Clock has decoded this double set of number 1828 1828 as 67 through its 3-4 o’clock direction. The Sabbatical Code appears twice refer to the 6th and 7th seal, which is the barley and wheat harvest of the Bride of Christ. This merges the repeating pattern of the 6th and 7th seal together, both positioning itself in the crucifixion of Christ timeframe.

3Pi + The Sabbatical Code

The number 424 777 referencing Genesis 4:24 has its Sabbatical property, because it was the 67th birth date of Israel back in April 24th, 2015. God’s Calendars read April 20, 2018 (70th year mark of completion) = April 24, 2015. This shows that the 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks decoded as EVE would be within this Sabbatical timeframe from April 20, 2018 to May 10, 2019.

Phi + The Sabbatical Code

Phi is the golden ratio or golden proportion that appears in all forms of nature, often resulting in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Superimposing Phi in God’s Clock, right now in 2018 is pointing to 6 o’clock, swirling forward to the left, the end point ends at 10 o’clock, which is January. Aquarius from 6 o’clock, links up the worldwide judgment (flood) to January = 2019 (7 o’clock).