Second Stepping Stone

God’s Clock + The Sabbatical Code

This is God’s Clock. The Sabbatical location is highlighted in red above, between the years 2015-2016 (June to July) and 2018-2019 (Elul to Tishri), confirmed by the land of Israel as the pointer of God’s Clock within 2018-2019 (6-7pm) section, which is equalized with 2015-2016 via God’s Clock method. Pointing to 6:15pm has its significance, because 2018 running back to 2015 is the East direction and the midnight hour at 12am as 2012. The Ides of March belongs to the East direction, for 3pm at 15 minutes direction spells out the number 153 (March 15). This was the death hour of Christ, which is our gauge, as the death of The Lamb of God means our redemption! The midnight hour means a new beginning, judgment comes as the time is up, completion of something and the morning (light) comes. The Sabbatical years together perfectly creates the code 666-7777, 1828, 911 and 67.

Reading the superimposed world map with God’s Clock, focusing in Israel, the Red Sea and Egypt, the pointer of Israel favors 2018-2019 direction over 2015-2016 Sabbatical sections, because counting from the birth of Israel in 1948, the 70th years mark of completion is fulfilled in 2018-2019. God’s Clock sees 70th mark from 2018 = 67th mark from 2015, which spells out a Sabbatical completion. It narrows down the Passover event through the 2 veins of the Red Sea, connecting at one of two ends of Israel’s pointer is 2018, then touching the 8:00 line in God’s Clock puts the speculation in 2018, November as the timeframe of transformation (represented by Israel’s pointer) and the First Passover in the form of 3 days of darkness (represented by Red Sea’s pointer). Egypt symbolizes the world is in the fall quadrant and by God’s Clock method in 2018, this quadrant is present from 6-9 o’clock, spelling out the ‘fall of the world’. The Second Passover is thus 2019, January, by the 6-7 days + 40 days biblical rule, which is another Sabbatical Code 2018-2019.

Through the 4 blood moons tetrad, it spells out 666 in April 4, 2015 Passover, due to its 6 months interval between blood moon to blood moon. The number 666 is associated with the mark of the beast and tribulation period. The 7 years of tribulation thus lasts from 2015 until 2022. If the creation year was 3977, the 6000th year mark would be on 2022, which begins its Sabbatical millennium until the 7000th mark. It would then be the 5996-5997th year in 2018-2019, which is another Sabbatical Code. Adding up 3.5 years would be 2015-2018 and another 3.5 years would be 2019-2022, as a result, it creates this Sabbatical gap of 2018-2019. 2019-2022 is Enoch’s portion. The Great Tribulation period is speculated from 2019 to 2022 end of age. The Passover in 2015 shows that the Tribulation period is associated with the Passover timeline, which confirms in both First Passover in 2018, November and Second Passover boundary in 2019, January. Since 2018, November appears to be the fixed Passover reference for both the 6th and 7th seal, as there is the barley and wheat harvest, the 7 years of Tribulation can also be seen folded into half, which 2015-2018 portion is a mirror to 2019-2022, despite not being in the same family, although supported by the fixed Passover reference.