Decoding The Reversal of 9-10th Plagues of Egypt

Back in the old days of Exodus, the locusts ate all green things, but in the book of Revelation for the end of time, the pattern has been reversed, where the locusts are not allowed to touch any green things on the earth. That was how the 9-10th plagues of Egypt, the 3 days of darkness and the death of the firstborn back then respectively, will be reversed in this generation, the death of the firstborn comes first before the 3 days of darkness. The death of the firstborn symbolized the coming sixth seal worldwide earthquake. The earthquake will be so great that it will move every mountain and island from their places, which will cause a great amount of deaths and the mourning will be like the death of the firstborn during that coming time ahead. The great earth shaking coming will be symbolizing the labor pain of the firstborn, which will be the barley Bride who will born first before the wheat Bride.

God’s Clock groups the numbers into three, it comes as 1-4-7-10, 2-5-8-11 and 3-6-9-12. So when seeing the numbers 9 and 10, it automatically converts to the number 6 and 7 at the same time. The sixth seal has been focusing on 9-10th plagues and not the other eight plagues. Connecting 9 and 10 together creates the sabbatical code 67. The pattern of the sixth seal will repeat for the seventh seal as well, that is why there are two groups of the Bride of Christ and two sets of 1828 in Euler’s number. The time of the sixth seal will be sabbatical, because it repeats the pattern of Christ’s crucifixion, pertaining to the coming transformation and rapture as explained before.