Six Days War & Relationship Between 2018/1967

The 50th anniversary Jubilee from 1967 adds up to the year 2017. Jerusalem Day is on Lyar 28 annually, from the original date June 7th, which was a sabbatical date, when Israel captured the old city of Jerusalem. May 24, 2017 was the date from June 7, 1967 fifty years later. Via God’s Calendars, Lyar 28 is read as November 28 as well and May 24 is read as November 24. 2017 belongs to group 2 of Elijah’s portion, which is in the same group with Lyar 28 and May 24. The six days war is related to the coming 6-7th day rule of the 3 days of warning and 3 days of darkness, where in the midst of that the sixth seal will occur, because during that timeframe, similar to the six days war, Israel will be attacked. Israel will be judged and not just America during that time. God’s Clock reads the direction towards 2017 pointing at 5:00 is equal with 8:00 at 2020. It makes up 7777 through 20:00 = 17:00, whereas replacing 2017 as 1717, is as 7777, for 1 = 7. 2017 is thus a sabbatical code.

The Pentecost in 2015 was May 24-25, Sivan 6-7. It was a date that carried a huge significance to the coming time of the transformation and sixth seal event. This date in May 24, 2017 just confirmed about the significance of the Pentecostal date in 2015, especially Lyar 28 was on June 7, 1967, matching Sivan 6-7 Pentecost in 2015. During the time of November, 2018 as the speculated time of the sixth seal event, is pointing to 8:00 = 5:00, which goes back to the month of August and the year 2017 at the same time. Genesis 7 has confirmed the relationship between 150 and 240 degrees on the clock, pointing towards November and August at the same time, which are equalized. What stood out was the speculated date of the sixth seal, November 27-28, 2018 (Kislev 14-15), especially November 28, 2018 is 11/28/18 = 8/28/18, amazingly resembles the Euler’s number 1828.

During the month of November, 2018 is hitting back towards 5:00, which is the year 2017. At this direction was also building 7 during the time of the 9-11 attack, collapsed at this same hour that consisted of 47 floors, which is a sabbatical code for 7777 (4 of 7). Back in the direction of 5:00, August, 2017, there was the Hurricane Harvey and also around that time there were a few other Hurricanes, including Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

There were three major hurricanes, but Hurricane Harvey has been pointing toward 5:00 position exactly, for August and 2017. It started from August 17, 2017 until September 2, 2017. The near peak intensity prior to the landfall in Southern Texas was on August 25, 2017. There was also the total solar eclipse marker that happened in August 20-21, Elul 6-7 via Enoch’s Calendar is a Pentecost date equalized as Sivan 6-7. August 25 is equalized with November 25 via God’s Calendars, which has been the speculated date of the transformation of the barley Bride on November 24-25, 2018.

Harvey means “battle” and “worthy”. Hurricane means “whirlwind”. It has been interesting that this is in Elijah’s portion, group 2, according to 2 Kings 2:1, Elijah was caught up to heaven without dying in a whirlwind. Just like Enoch, he was translated and taken up to heaven like the Bride of Christ. This is confirming the Enoch’s portion, group 1, belonging to the speculated rapture in January, 2019 and Elijah’s portion, group 2, belonging to the speculated transformation (not the rapture) in November, 2018, just as there were Enoch and Elijah, there will be the barley and wheat brides as mentioned in Revelation 6:6, yet both the barley and wheat are the Bride of Christ.

Hurricane Harvey being superimposed with the God’s Clock, points approximately from December 6 backwards to November 18 direction. It has been in the late part of November, concentrating in the Gulf of Mexico, the data has been pointing from around November 24 to 30 on the clock, which has been echoing to the speculation of the coming transformation, sixth seal and 3 days of darkness from November 24, 2018 to December 1, 2018.