God’s Clock, Calendars & The Golden Rule of 3

It has been proven the golden rule of 3 as a method for working out God’s Clock and Calendars, through the Jewish and Gregorian calendars misalignment. Although, I have been wondering as to why everything goes by 3 steps backward or forward. When I think about the number 3 in the bible, I think about the 3 days of Jesus’ burial, 3 days of Saul’s blindness, 3 days of Jonah in the belly of the whale, the trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the 3 crosses of the crucifixion, Jesus’ death hour at 3 in the afternoon, the first, second and third heaven (firmament, outer space and heaven), the triune human part of the flesh, soul and spirit, the 3 places of heaven, earth and hell, the fall of mankind in Genesis 3, and the three gates in each direction in Revelation.

The number 3 also makes a solid, works as a binding agent, as a measure, represent time, as in the past, the present and the future, also represent thoughts, words and deeds. There are 12 hours in the clock, 4 directions in the clock and each quadrant between each direction would be 3 hours in equal portion. God is a trinity, leaving His imprint in His Clock and Calendars. I believe the reason that there are three persons of God, because the Father is unapproachable, as He is also too bright to see, so the Son is made approachable to us and the Holy Spirit dwells within each believer, empowering the believer to walk in the spirit, yet three of them is in ONE. Just as 3 hours backward or 3 hours forward is equalized as the same hour in God’s Clock. When the number 3 is a binding agent, it binds together the past, present and future at the same time, that is how God’s Calendars work.

There are 4 fundamental states of matter, including plasma, however, the 3 primary states of matter is solid, liquid and gas. With gas, the molecules are a lot spaced out than liquid, while liquid is the middle state between solid and gas. When there are two points, it cannot be fixed, but when there is another point, bonding with the two points, it becomes a shape and a solid. The form of a solid cannot be changed, so the number 3 is a connector. So that is why God’s Calendars has 3 calendars also to be used simultaneously, including Enoch’s calendar, Elijah’s calendar and Jesus’ calendar (Jewish).