God’s Clock Sabbatical Year 5779/5776

There are two Jewish new years. The Hebrew year changes from Tishri. There is an fascinating misalignment of the Hebrew year 5779, because the Hebrew year always fall between two Gregorian years. The Hebrew year thus can act as a connector between two hours in God’s Clock. Since we are using the sabbatical core basis, we have to find the acceptable transformation timeframe.

2018-2019 is the sabbatical year, but these two years can be narrowed further down by the Hebrew year 5779. This sabbatical Hebrew year 5779 (2018-2019) is equal to 5776 (2015-2016). Previously, there was another method of fitting the transformation and rapture within 2018 and 2019 years by the 3-days plus 40-days rule, which is locked with November to January.

The Hebrew year 5779 lasts only from September 10, 2018 to September 14, 2019. This is the acceptable sabbatical timeframe. It means that from September 10, 2018 will be high watch time. Then narrowing this timeframe further down by the 70th mark from the birth of Israel, which is from April 20, 2018 to May 10, 2019. The 70th mark is the 67th sabbatical mark at the same time via God’s Clock. As a result, this shortens from September 10, 2018-September 14, 2019 to September 10, 2018-May 10, 2019. This is the sabbatical timeframe that the transformation and rapture should occur.

To reiterate, September 10, 2018 to May 10, 2019 is the 67th mark as well as the connector of 5779 (2018-2019) = 5776 (2015-2016) together. If we go by 5780, it would not connect the sabbatical years of 2018-2019 together anymore, which points between 6-7th o’clock, which the land of Israel is exactly positioned in God’s Clock. The sabbatical code is not only code 67, but also 7777. To shorten September 10, 2018 to May 10, 2019 would be targeting the transformation and the rapture by the eleventh month. This confirms the sabbatical procedure (can be read in another post as posted before) that led to November, 2018. Adding the 3 plus 40 rule would lead to January 2019, which is also the eleventh month, Shevat. This makes up 1111 = 7777.