God’s Clock and Calendars Operations

The difference between operations and relationship networks in God’s Calendars is more complex, because an operation is more than just a relationship network, it is adding some modification on top of the conversion of dates or multiple conversions into one group. It is an unconventional method of conversion, in another words.

Hanukkah of 2016 is to be used, especially it connects with 2013 markers directly and is part of the 1828 position in God’s Clock. As explained before, 1828 is associated with Hanukkah. The 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks, EVE, having the first day, third day and 6-7th day as identical. The first day oil lighting was on December 24, 2016, Kislev 24. The miracle lighting lasted for 8 days from the first day source of Kislev 24, until the 8th day would be until December 31, 2016, Tevet 2. The 6-7th candle lighting is Kislev 29 to Tevet 1 from December 29-30, 2016. Kislev 29 = September 29, which echoes to the sabbatical date back in 2008.

12/24/2016 Kislev 24 Kislev 24 (1st day)  /
12/25/2016 Kislev 25 Kislev 24 (2nd day)  /
12/26/2016 Kislev 26 Kislev 24 (3rd day)  /
12/27/2016 Kislev 27 Kislev 24 (4th day)  /
12/28/2016 Kislev 28 Kislev 24 (5th day)  /
12/29/2016 Kislev 29 Kislev 24 (6th day)  /
12/30/2016 Tevet 1 Kislev 24 (7th day)  /
12/31/2016 Tevet 2 Kislev 24 (8th day)  /
1/1/2017 Tevet 3 Kislev 25  1/1/17 -> 7777

Kislev 25 is the day of Christmas and Kislev 24 is Christmas Eve. There is a pause from December 25 to 31. There must be a reason why the candle lighting lasted for 8 days from the same 1st day source. This is pretty much a symbolic conversion.

There is this longest day of the Ides of March from March 13 to 15, all on Adar 30 in Enoch’s calendar. These 3 days are thus equalized as the same day. Enoch’s calendar is so important, so Adar 30 being converted in the same calendar on December 30, 2016 would be Tevet 16. Tevet 16 is then connected with October 16, 2013 sixth seal marker perfectly. March 13-15 sunsets to March 12 to begin Adar 30, March 12, 2016 = September 12, 2001, the Adar 30 date is spanning from September 12-15 altogether. September 12 has been the primary target in the sabbatical research, even as Kislev 12 in the speculated core station for November 25, 2018, which sunsets to the 24th. The 3-days rule can thus be explained with the Ides of March, along with the repeated pattern of Matthew 27’s crucifixion of the 3 hours of eclipse and 3 days of burial (darkness) are mirrored. In 2015 = 2018, the ides of March lasts for two days only, however, it is associated with Pi (as explained in another post), making up 3.1415 from March 14-15. That is why the darkness lasts for 3 days also, because there are three days of Adar 30, extending the third day towards the 6-7th day.

3/12/2016 = 9/12/2001 Adar 30 3/15/2016 (Ides of March)
3/13/2016 = 9/13/2001 Adar 30 3/15/2016 (Ides of March)
3/14/2016 = 9/14/2001 Adar 30 3/15/2016 (Ides of March)
3/15/2016 = 9/15/2001 Adar 30 3/15/2016 (Ides of March)

Adar 30 points to West and the Ides of March is to the East in God’s Clock. When Adar 30 points directly to 9:00 direction, perfectly to the West; West represents darkness. Every 30 degrees end a 1/12 section of the clock, so the 30th degree as the 30th day is aligning with either North, East, South or West completely. When done by the quadrant method, the entire fall quadrant is included at 6:00-9:00 neatly, highlighting the land of Egypt, referring to the ‘world in complete darkness’. Adar 30 pauses for 3 days, confirming the 3 days of darkness in a worldwide scale, for Egypt represents the world, while the Bride will be in 3 days of light in heaven. Adar 30 is also the midnight hour at 12am, just as the Passover was associated with the midnight hour.