How To Keep The 7th Day Weekly Sabbath Holy

To keep it holy is to set apart preferably every Sunday as an uncommon day over the other six days of the week. On this day, going to Sunday church, read the scriptures, pray to GOD, worship The LORD and witnessing the gospel to others are acceptable. How hard is it to just keep a single day out of the whole week by refraining from the common ways?

  • Refrain from working (Exodus 20:9)
  • Refrain from playing (Isaiah 58:13)
  • Refrain from cooking (Exodus 16:23)
  • Refrain from buying (Nehemiah 10:31)
  • Refrain from selling (Nehemiah 13:15)

Refraining from cooking means you could prepare your meals the day before for the morrow, and thanks to technologies nowadays where you could use the microwave to re-heat the food!

The scriptures clearly said that the Sabbath day is on the seventh day, which is Sunday. Some say that observing it on Sunday is worshipping the Sun god, so if they observe it on Saturdays, should we not say they are worshipping the Saturn god?

GOD is not cruel that we must keep it on Sundays, because HE knows the circumstances of HIS children that some may need to work on Sundays, or whatever that is. Therefore, it is okay to keep it on Saturdays if it is not possible to keep it on Sundays.