Relationship Network of Markers Continued

There should be a lot more markers, but since markers come and pass by so quickly, it is hard to track every one of them and record it on the chart, then establishing a relationship between the markers. However, the markers as posted here are the major markers that must not be missed.

Revelation 12 rapture marker and Yom Kippur. Refer to EG269 on chart.

First blood moon and Passover marker. Refer to EW108 on chart.

Second blood moon and Sukkot marker. Refer to EW284 on chart.

Greatest market crash in a single day marker. Refer to HY276 on chart.

Peace agreement marker between 2016 & 2019. Refer to KL116 on chart.

Genesis 7 sabbatical Rosh Hashanah marker. Refer to KL279 on chart.

Greatest earthquake in history sub-marker. Refer to LE213 on chart.

Sign of Jonah precursor marker. Refer to LB292 on chart.

Comet Ison/ 6th & 7th seal Hanukkah marker. Refer to LE335 on chart.

Tisha B’Av and birth of Israel marker. Refer to NQ213 on chart.

9-11 attack and market crash marker. Refer to NN257 on chart.