Markers, Sub-Markers & Relationship Networks

Markers come from world events and sub-markers are converted dates from the markers. Relationship networks are established by the method of God’s Clock and Calendars. Significant dates came and passed by, but the markers were there for a purpose of the present time. God’s Calendars can be downloaded by navigating at the top menu of the website for the chart below.

70th mark completion of the birth of Israel. Refer to I113 on chart.

67th sabbatical mark of the birth of Israel. Refer to W117 on chart.

Ides of March operation. Refer to W76 on chart.

Third blood moon and Passover marker. Refer to W97 on chart.

Pentecost marker. Refer to W147 on chart.

Same-sex marriage legalization nationwide in U.S. marker. Refer to W180 on chart.

Fourth blood moon and Sukkot marker. Refer to W274 on chart.

Daniel 9 marker. Refer to W289 on chart.