Core Station & Sub-Station Rapture Reference

Since we can only know the rapture boundary and not its exact date, the exact date references cannot be linked up to any of the specific speculated date, therefore we are using the 9-11 timeframe as the sub-station, connecting the festivals that were mentioned, including the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Hanukkah dates, all into this 9-11 sub-station, then whatever date that it will be within the rapture boundary, just a connection from one of the dates from the Passover boundary core station in January 14-22, 2019 to the sub-station would establish a relationship. The reason it is best to use the 9-11 timeframe is because it is a reference for Matthew 27’s crucifixion as explained before, just like the 6th seal and its surrounding events, just like Euler’s number has a double 1828, meaning the pattern repeats twice.

The Feast of Trumpets, Tishri 1 from October 3, 2016 matches September 15, 2001, Tishri 1, sunsets to September 14, 2001, which is the 6th seal position, fits for the 7th seal reference as well. The year 2019 is equal to 2001. Elul 29 to Tishri 1 in 2016 was the sabbatical code 5776-5777 and from Elul 29 to Tishri 1 was from September 11 to 15, 2001 via Enoch’s calendar.

The Passover boundary is January 14-22, 2019 and the 9-11 sub-station is September 11-17, 2001, but there is another 9-11 reference in November 24-30, 2018 (Kislev 11-17 = September 11-17). November 27-28, 2018 is the 6th seal reference, as known as the Ides of March (Kislev 14-15 = March 14-15). The 6th seal location, which is November 27-28, 2018 is therefore our focus. According to Euler’s DOUBLE 1828, the 6th seal and 7th seal are attached into this same pattern of Christ’s crucifixion and death, located on this speculated 6th seal date. So rather connecting with the sub station in 2001, it is better to connect with the one in 2018, because when 2019 and 2018 are connected, it is the sabbatical code 6-7 o’clock! The speculated rapture boundary is January 14-22, 2019 = Nissan 14-22, but it does not matter what date it will exactly be, because it will eventually be connected back to the Ides of March, having all the markers connected.

The 6th seal overlaps with the 7th seal, because their pattern is the same. Although, first of all, to connect January, 2019 with November, 2018, creating the sabbatical code, has to belong to the same group, since January, 2019 has Shevat belonging to group 2 and November belonging to group 2, they can be worked together. November 28, 2013 was also a 7th seal reference = December 25, 2016, which is also linked up with November 25, 2018 = November 28, 2018 as Hanukkah. 2013 and 2016 belongs to group 1, but just like 2019’s method, it connects with November through Shevat in January, 2019.

This is equalized with the core station in November, 2018. Elul 23-24 = September 6-7, 2015 = June 6-7, 2015 is also equal to September 23-24, 2017 marker/ Tishri 9-10 Yom Kippur on the first day in two different time zones. 2017 belongs to group 2 and November belongs to group 2, which equals to this sub station in September, 2015 through Kislev 11-17. Since the first day equals to the third day, Tishri 9-10 can be applied to the third day 6th seal pattern for the 7th seal.

This is equalized with the core station in November, 2018 as well. There is this first day and third day being equalized, by August 28, 2018 (Elul 14 via Enoch’s calendar) and August 25, 2018 (Elul 14 via Jewish calendar), thus August 25, 2018 = August 28, 2018 (Jesus’ crucifixion is coded 828) proving the first day transformation is following the pattern of the third day pattern of crucifixion. This is read as November 25, 2018 = November 28, 2018 equally. There is the 3-days rule being applied here, this reminds me of code EVE. It is fascinating to wonder about why the transformation is on the first day and not on the third day instead. The possibility is that the glorified barley brides will walk those 3 days before their training, so that they can start ministering to others during the 3 days of warning. Euler’s Number also shows the transformation code 1828, is triggered by E = earthquake, matching the first day’s earthquake in America.

Hanukkah as known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah has been an interesting festival, because the first day of candle lighting has miraculously lasted for eight days in total. Kislev 25, November 28, 2013 = December 25, 2016.

Feast of Trumpets as known as Rosh Hashanah, Tishri 1 on October 2-3, 2016.

Day of Atonement as known as Yom Kippur on Tishri 9-10/ September 23-24, 2017.