The Sign of Jonah Precursor, Reversal & 6th Seal

The sign of Jonah precursor has occurred back in 2013. Comet Ison that appeared on November 28, 2013 was the conception marker for the wheat brides, because the tail of comet Ison was symbolizing the sperm and the comet that hit the sun was the conception through the mother’s egg. It means that at the time of the sixth seal, there is this conception.

Cheshvan 2-4 via Enoch’s calendar in October 16-19, 2013 is equalized with Cheshvan 2-4 in October 2-4, 2016 via Elijah’s calendar. This was the sabbatical Rosh Hashanah that transitioned from 5776 to 5777, pertaining to the transformation. It is interesting that it was in Elijah’s calendar, belonging to group 2 and so as November, 2018 speculated transformation belongs to group 2 as well. It is referring to the 3 days of darkness, especially the time of the sixth seal on the first day, is sabbatical. The sixth seal itself is sabbatical, connected with Cheshvan 2. If so, counting 3 days backward would be Tishri 29, which confirms the significance of this date that was calculated from Daniel 9, landed on October 13, 2015.

The 3 days of darkness precursor has occurred on October 16-19, 2013 and the comet Ison occurred 40 days later on November 28, 2013. There is something about the order of this that intrigued me, because the 3 days of darkness should occur with the comet Ison marker together at the same time, since it landed onto Scorpio constellation, echoing to Revelation 9’s sixth seal scorpions, but it has been spaced out for 40 days apart. It does not make sense to have the conception after the 40 days timeframe, because according to Jesus’ 40 days ministry, He was ascended after this, representing the Rapture, especially the 40 days is as 40 weeks of pregnancy.

There is some reversal happening and it is through the method of God’s Calendars are those two dates can be merged, by November 28, 2013, Kislev 15 with November 28, 2018, Kislev 15. The year 2013 belongs to group 1 and 2018 belongs to group 3, but they can still be equalized through group 3 that belongs to the month of Kislev in both years of the same date. Then, October 16-19, 2013 is merged with November 27-30, 2018, that is when November 28, 2013 is merged with October 16, 2013, by the first new moon delay in 2018, pushing Cheshvan 2-4 in November 10-12, 2018, which is equalized with November 27-28, through November 10-11 of Cheshvan 27-28 via Enoch’s calendar.

The end of the 40 days, the pattern of the rapture after the harvest, is connected with the sixth seal pattern again, based on Euler’s number double 1828, the sixth seal, which mirrors the time of Jesus’ death, would occur twice, so that is why it landed on November 28, 2013. This same pattern of Jesus’ death is not only applied to the 3 days of darkness, but also after the 40 days harvest, because the barley and the wheat brides both follow the same pattern, for the coming transformation and rapture. Kislev 25 is the time of Hanukkah, which matches 1828 of Psalm 18:28 transformation verse. The pattern of the death of Christ (transformation), earthquake and rising of the dead repeats twice. By merging both of the transformation and rapture timeframe together, as mentioned in another post, is merging 6-7th seals together. It also has set a perpetual reference that the date of the Rapture will be linked to the time of Christmas and Hanukkah, even though it will not be literally those dates, since no one knows the day or the hour, however, God’s Calendars is the method of connecting markers from the past and the future into the present, of multiple markers all at once into one single reference.

The transformation is not the rapture, but still follows the same pattern of the death of Jesus. The barley bride is transformed during the first call transformation, the wheat bride receives her glorified body through the rapture. There is earthquake, which is the sixth seal surrounding the time of the transformation and there is also a possible earthquake, at the time of the seventh seal, when there is a nuclear event in America that will elicit the Rapture. There is the barley bride who will portal through earth to heaven for her training prior to the harvest, through a door. Then, there is this group of bride of Christ, including the wheat bride as well, who will fly through the air from earth to heaven at the time of Rapture, which follows the pattern of the rising of the dead who went into the holy city of God after the death of Christ.

There is a relationship between 2013 and 2016, which they are equalized in God’s Calendars. There is Hanukkah and Christmas timeframe connected to December 25, 2016 on Kislev 25. The time of the sixth seal is connected with the timing of Hanukkah and Christmas as a result, even in the transformation verse, Psalm 18:28 it mentioned about God shall light his candle, whereas the candle is associated with the candles during Hanukkah.

This is a confirmation to the speculated transformation on November 24-25, 2018 as the time of Christmas, because November 28, 2013 = November 28, 2018, which is equalized with November 25, sunset to the 24th, by December 25, 2016, Kislev 25 = November 28, 2013, Kislev 25, by Elijah’s calendar belonging to group 2, which November also belongs to group 2, was Kislev 25 on November 24, 2016 and Kislev 26 on November 25, 2016 via Elijah’s calendar. Kislev 26 = Kislev 25 in November 28, 2013 as the 26th via Elijah’s calendar is on the same row with 25th via Jewish calendar.