The 13th Month, Adar II & God’s Calendars

There are 13 months sometimes in the Jewish calendar; Adar II, which is the extended twelfth month. The transformation is speculated on November 24-25, 2018 and rapture boundary on January 14-22, 2019 are associated with the sabbatical code of 2018-2019 = 2015-2016, pointing to 6-7 o’clock in God’s Clock. Other than the first new moon delay, equalizing November with December and January with December, there is also something about the 13th month.

The month Adar II overlaps with the month of Nissan at the same time, whereas Nissan = January. By God’s Clock, Adar II = December, which is the December of 2018, backward 3 steps, thus 2018-2019 would be connected at the same time, creating the sabbatical code and the portion of the fall quadrant would mean the “fall of the world”.