Birth of Enoch, Enoch’s Calendar & The Bride

The Bride of Christ follows the pattern of Enoch, who was taken away by God to heaven and translated without tasting death, because the Bride also walks closely with God, just as Enoch was. Elijah was too taken by God to heaven just like Enoch and that is why both Enoch and Elijah’s calendars are being used in God’s Calendars. Enoch is the father of time and so his calendar must be used and is as important as the Jewish calendar, despite it is not commonly used nowadays. Enoch was taken before the flood. His birthday is on Pentecost, which has a profound significance. Pentecost is about the Holy Spirit infusing into believers of Christ, which symbolized the coming transformation, when the Bride will be infused into her new incorruptible body with the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is on Sivan 6-7, which is the sabbatical code that this research has been all about.

The ones highlighted in blue is Enoch’s portion, the ones in red are Elijah’s portion and purple are Jesus’ portion. The group that belongs to Enoch is pointing to 10:00/ 7:00/ 4:00/ 1:00, this is the first group. The second group is Elijah’s and third group is Jesus’, according to the order of births in the scripture. Enoch was taken away to heaven, was a pattern for the coming Rapture. Elijah was taken to heaven, translated as well, which was another pattern for the transformation.

And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him. Matthew 17:1-3

Elijah belongs to group 2, which is 8:00/ 5:00/ 2:00/ 11:00. The transformation is different from the rapture, just as Christ was transfigured after His death and burial was different from His ascension to heaven after His 40-days ministry on the earth. Jesus belonging to group 3, would be 9:00/ 6:00/ 3:00/ 12:00. The Bride also follows the pattern of Jesus, because she also has been crucified of her flesh and nailed it on the cross alongside with Jesus.

There were two translations that occurred in the scripture, only Enoch and Elijah who were transformed without tasting death and taken to heaven. The ones who will truly be translated and without tasting death would be the Bride of Christ in this final generation, because both Enoch and Elijah will be the two witnesses coming down from heaven, during the time of Great Tribulation. Enoch and Elijah’s portions confirm the speculated transformation belonging to group 2 (November/ 8:00), which matches Elijah and the speculated rapture (January/ 10:00), matches with Enoch. This also confirms the double 1828 in Euler’s Number, repeating the same pattern of Jesus’ crucifixion, which the dead was risen to heaven, yet there is only one rapture. Then, 2018 the year itself belongs to group 3, matching with Jesus for both the transformation and rapture, since the speculated January 2019 rapture will be linked back to December, 2018.