The Euler’s Number Sabbatical Code Extras

It has come to my attention that the pattern 1828 occurring twice (E = 2.7 1828 1828 459045), both the wheat brides and barley brides are following the same pattern of the earth quake, transformation and the dead rise up at the time of Jesus’ death. The 6th seal and 7th seal are thus linked up together, when both events involve the same pattern of the earth quake, transformation and the risen of the dead in Christ. When both seals are linked up together, then it creates a sabbatical code 67. The barley brides are those who will make it to the First Call Transformation (Jesus’ transfiguration) and the wheat brides are those who will partake the Rapture (Jesus’ ascension after His 40-days ministry), which the barley brides will do also.

The barley bride at the time of the 6th seal is equal to 3 days before, for 3 steps before is transformation and 3 steps after is training in heaven, just as the 3 hours of eclipse before the death of Jesus hinted this, mirroring the 3 days of burial, symbolizing the 3 days of darkness, whereas the eclipse is darkness itself also. There seems to be this 3-days rule between heaven and earth. During the 3 days of warning prior to the 3 days of darkness, the transformed bride will start her ministry for those 3 days and another approximately 40 days after the 3 days of darkness. Just as code EVE confirms E (first Paul’s shipwreck) = V (second Paul’s shipwreck) = E (third Paul’s shipwreck), all of which linked up to 911, as explained in another post. The first and second are equal (E = V), which is the first day of transformation and the third day of the 6th seal. E = 5, 22 is the code of unprecedented earthquake. There are the capitalized EVE and little eve for the localized events in Israel, New York City and California within E, V and E. Via God’s Calendars, November mirrors August simultaneously, thus the first day (Kislev 11-12 via Enoch’s calendar in November 24-25) is equal to the third day (Kislev 14-15/ November 27-28), by August 24-25, 2018 in Elijah’s calendar, Elul 14-15 = Kislev 14-15 equally.

Both the barley and the wheat brides of the 6th seal and 7th seal follow the same pattern of earth quake, transformation and the rising of the dead, just as at the time of Jesus’ death, because at the time of the 6th seal, there will be the worldwide earth quake, first call transformation that equates 3 steps backward and the training in heaven (the rising up of the dead), where the barley bride will ascend up via a doorway, according to the time of Passover (the 3 days of darkness will be a Passover itself to the world), prior to the harvest (not yet the rapture). The Passover blood doorpost is a Pi symbol, representing transformation and the date of Jesus’ death, on a Wednesday, which November 28, 2018 will be on Wednesday, which is the date of Passover back in Nissan 14. Then, the wheat brides during the 7th seal event, the same pattern repeats, an earth quake (possibly caused by the nuclear activity in America that will elicit the Rapture), the bride of Christ transitioning into their glorified bodies at the time of rapture and both groups of the bride will rise to heaven. When the rapture takes place, the Great Tribulation will commence and so as the Marriage Supper of The Lamb in heaven.