Christmas, Halloween & Same-Sex Marriage

During the 9-11 attack, St. Nicholas church was destroyed. St. Nicholas is known as Santa Claus and is directly related to Christmas. The speculated day of transformation will be on Kislev 11-12, which is equally seen as September 11-12 via God’s Calendars. This is confirmation to the first new moon delay, that causes both November 24-25 and December 24-25 as the same date equally. There is going to be a judgment against Christmas, Halloween and same-sex marriage. The judgment will possibly turn the time of Christmas on the 24-25th, other than a time of merry and rejoicing, would be a date of remembered sorrow. Tevet 13 in December 25, 2015 via Jewish calendar is equal to October 13, 2015 which is the date calculated from Daniel 9. Christmas has always been a pagan tradition in the world, it has all been about Santa Claus, Christmas trees and gifts, when the true Christ, should be the One who died on the cross to save the whole world, which is the greatest gift for mankind, the Lamb of God; Jesus Christ.

Cheshvan 17 is on October 31 via Enoch’s calendar, which was the date of the flood. October 31, Halloween is a day that God will judge. Cheshvan 17 appears in November 25, 2018 after the first moon delay is applied, according to Exodus 34:22. Halloween is the devil’s holiest holiday of the entire year and the amount of evil committed on this day through satanic rituals are the most, comparing to other days of the year. God finds this day is absolutely abominable. Cheshvan 17 is pushed as a result of delaying Tishri 1 from September 10, 2018 to October 10, 2018. Cheshvan 17 is a date of worldwide judgment, as described back in Genesis 7.

Another 911 warning has been imprinted on the date of June 26, 2015, when America has legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. Tammuz 9 and 11 were across all three calendars, Enoch’s, Elijah’s and Jewish. This goes back to the days of Noah, when there was the rainbow being associated with the worldwide flood and Ham, who committed a homosexual act with his own father. Nowadays, homosexuality is symbolized by a rainbow. What has happened in the past will happen again in the future and right now, is the future that we are seeing, of the homosexual culture that is rampant these days. Going against God’s very first commandment is very serious, because God’s first command to Adam and Eve back in the very first chapter of the bible, in Genesis 1:28, they were told to “be fruitful and multiply”, and it is against the perfect will of God, if a marriage goes without reproduction, by couples of the same sex. June 26, 2015 = Elul 26, which positions itself in the 6th seal timeframe, according to the 6-7th day rule of 9-11-01 to 9-17-01 timeframe. On September 14, 2001 was Elul 26 via the Jewish calendar. America is not the only nation that has come against this commandment of God, but also many other nations are guilty of this sin. The 6th seal will be a worldwide judgment through its earth quake in a global scale.