CERN, Large Hadron Collider & 6th Seal

CERN is related to Revelation 9’s destroyer, named Abaddon, since there is a Shiva statue in front of CERN’s headquarter, which means the destroyer as well. Revelation 9 is linked to Revelation 6, pertaining to the 6th seal. Also, there has been a linkage with the first Paul’s shipwreck, back in 2015, when the LHC’s beamed up at the same time Nepal had its major earthquake, because the first and second location, when superimposed with the map of America, points to California as the first spot and New York as New York City as the second spot. The highest mountain is Mount Everest, which is located in Nepal, at 29029ft. in elevation. The first Pentecost and second Pentecost back in 2015 creates double 29, for the first one was on May 24-25 and the second on June 23-24. May 24 (5 + 24 = 29) and June 23 (6 + 23 = 29).

Checking up the schedule for 2018 LHC, it will be running in late November. It is speculated that the first day’s judgment against Israel, possibly the destruction of the temple (the marker Av 9-10 will be explained in another post), will be caused by its surrounding countries, similar to the 6-days war, because the 6-days war has been the origin of Jerusalem’s Day on June 7th. June 7th is the sabbatical code, ironically it has been the 50th anniversary since 1967 back in May 24, 2017 (Lyar 28). The year 2017 belongs to group 2, which is also equates with November, also belonging to Elijah’s portion. The number 50 is a Pentecostal number and May 24, ironically, but not accidental, is a core Pentecostal date in 2015 for this year in 2018, mirrored on November 24-25. Then, CERN is speculated as the cause of the unprecedented earthquake that will affect all across America, from California in the route towards New York City, being split in half. Just as described in Psalm 103:12, the barley Bride will be given a pause between the West (darkness) coast and East (light) coast, and before it hits the East, the Bride will be transformed.

It is then speculated that Planet X Nibiru will be the planet that will cause a gravitational pull as it closes toward Earth at the time of the 6th seal, since the “worldwide” earth quake, has to be caused by something as huge as a planetary force. Then the earthquake at the end of the darkness, according to Matthew 28, would possibly be the after effect of this planetary pull from the 6th seal global earth quake. Then, when the people say “peace, peace”, destruction will come, which is the Great Tribulation. This is speculated as a war between North Korea and America, in which the nuclear event in America will elicit the Rapture, since there has been contention between these two countries, commencing World War III.