God’s Clock Constellation Map & Pi the Phi

Phi = 1.618. Finding the route of Pi the Phi Φ, from 20 past the hour in God’s Clock, then tilting the axis to the water dam in the sky. This is the year 2016 as a result, which is equally mirrored as 2019 at the same time. Pi is a circle and landing it at 4:00 (16:00) after around of 360 degrees, the route to Phi hits at 10:00, towards January, confirming the speculated rapture boundary in 2019, January 10-25th (as 1). Also, 2016 = 2019 is too equal to January in the same family of group 1, of Enoch’s portion. The water dam, pointing to the constellation of Aquarius, which appears during the time of September, is towards 6:00 (18:00) in God’s Clock. Water echoes back to the days of Noah, when the worldwide flood came, of a great rain that poured down from heaven.

It shows that there is a relationship between January, 2019 with 6:00, since there is a post about the fall quadrant, whereas 2019 January is going back to 2018 December, then by God’s Clock method, it mirrors the entire quadrant from 6:00-9:00, covering the entire land of Egypt. There will be posts that explain as to why both 2018 December and 2019 January are equalized, especially for the reason that it is a sabbatical code, which 2018 and 2019 must be COMBINED together, to create code 67, for instance. Other codes that these two years, when combined can make, is 1828, 911, 666 and 7777. These two years are going back to 2015-2016. It means that at the time of 2019, it is also 2018 simultaneously, otherwise one year without another is without meaning, because it will separate 6 and 7, instead of 67, separating 18 and 28, instead of 1828, 9 and 11, instead of 911 and 666 with 7777. These two numbers, 666 and 7777 are to be combined, as the rapture will commence with the great tribulation, which 666 is the mark of the beast, during the time of the great tribulation and 7777 is the sabbatical code of rapture.

The golden ratio, which is called the divine proportion, believed as aesthetically pleasing in natural objects and geometry, by superimposing the golden ratio from 10:00 to 6:00 on God’s Clock, with the central point at 10:00, touching at 9:00, which is 2019 back to 2018, then swirling towards 6:00, creating the fall quadrant, as a confirmation.