Pi, 9-11 Terrorist Attack & Transformation

Pi = 3. 1415 926 53

Hebrews read backwards, thus it is read as 14 and 13. Decoding these two numbers by the dual alphabetical system, it is equal to MN. It is the sabbatical code, because in its exploded form, MN is as I V I and I V, then by roman numerals, IV = 4 and VI = 6, then VII = 7, making up the sabbatical code of 67 and 7777 (4 of 7). Hence, Pi is connected with transformation.

By simple gematria, the number 53 is Sabbath. This is confirming the sabbatical code. Also, by Jewish gematria, it is lamb, Cain and Hell. There is another post about 3Pi that references Genesis 4, which spoke of Cain and Abel (represented the Lamb of God) and hell, with the reference of the mark of the beast, 666, which is the property of the year 2015 and the ides of March towards this 3 o’clock direction. The approximate equation of Pi is 22 divided by 7, which is equal to 3.14 28 57. The simple gematria value for the number 57 is Ison, echoing to comet Ison. This is confirming the 28th of the month, when comet Ison hit the sun, validating the finding below, about the 6th seal and the relationship with November 28th, sunset to sunset would be the 27th. 22/7 can also be seen as 122, which is decoded Av, the fifth Jewish month and with the meaning of “the beginning of the end”, for the bible started with Genesis 1 and ended with Revelation 22. The speculated transformation time, hitting at 8 o’clock in God’s Clock, is mirrored as 5 o’clock at the same time.

Pi = 3. 1415 926 53

Pi is decoded 911 by the dual alphabetical system. Thus, transformation is directly related to the date of September 11th, 2001. This is confirming the speculated date, November 24-25, 2018 first call transformation (equal with May 24-25, 2015 Pentecost), because it is Kislev 11-12 = September 11-12, in two different time zones. This is by Enoch’s calendar. ENOCH IS THE FATHER OF TIME!!! Despite, many use the Jewish calendar these days. God’s Calendars uses three calendars, just as everything is threefold mirroring method, it also uses three calendars, including the Enoch, Elijah and Jewish calendars.

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. – Genesis 5:24

Pi sounds exactly as “pie” and when 3.14 is flipped as 413, reads as “pie” is not by accident. The pie is an analogy of the transformation of the Bride of Christ. Firstly, a pie is made with flour. In Revelation 6:6, the barley and the wheat, represent two groups of the Bride of Christ; the barley are those who will make it to the First Call and the wheat are those in the Rapture. This will be further explained in another post. Both barley and wheat are flour. Secondly, the shell of the pie is being filled with ingredients, is an analogy of the infusion of the Holy Spirit into the temple of the Bride, which is in another words, transformation, from the corruptible to incorruptible body. Thirdly, it goes back to the code that is being mentioned throughout the bible, which is 1221 (will be explored in another post). The ingredients ALWAYS touch the base first, which is an analogy that the Bride who has humbled herself lowly, she will then be exalted in due time.

And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it. – Exodus 12:7

The symbol of Pi is π, which is the 16th Greek letter. In Exodus 12:7, the blood on the two side of the door and upper door post is Pi. This is thus linking 9-11-01 major marker with the timing of Passover. Passover starts on Nissan 14, which is the day of crucifixion, on a Wednesday. As the saying goes, woe to Wednesday’s child, woe to the Ides of March and woe to the number 3, that starts with the number of Pi. The number 3 was also Genesis 3, when the fall of mankind began, because the number 3 is a number of iniquity, for it is an odd number, comparing to the even number; the number 2.

Pi is a number of judgment, for the 9-11 attack was the falling of high places, through the high towers. Those who have exalted themselves shall be humbled, thus the number 1221, came out during the time of the attack, which will be further explained in another post, for it is directly related to Genesis 3 also. The crucifixion is then confirmed by the following numbers, which will be explained below about the ides of March. Since, God’s Clock sees a month as a year, thus the ides of March is also the year 2015. This is confirmed by the number 315 or 153, by decoding the 3 o’clock direction, with Sivan, the third Jewish month towards 15 minutes direction. There is something about doors in the scripture, which will be written in another post.

Pi = 3. 1415 926 53

WOE, WOE, WOE to the ides of March!! The ides of March is March 14-15th, by Enoch’s Calendar, of Adar 30 that spans for two days. Then, the number 926 confirms the relationship with the ides of March. The 9-11 attack back in 2001 was a perpetual set reference for the coming 6th seal event and the beginning of the worldwide 3 days of darkness, which is the sign of Jonah. By the 6-7th day rule of Exodus 24:16, in the midst of it is mirroring September 14-15th in two different time zones, the 14th being in the Northern hemisphere, the 15th would be the Southern hemisphere. Via God’s Calendars, September 14-15 is equally read as March 14-15, which is the ides of March. This confirms the speculation of November 27-28th, 2018 sixth seal, being on Kislev 14-15 = September 14-15, which was Elul 26 on September 14, 2001 back then, whereas 626 is as 926 by God’s Clock.

Elul 26 that was on September 14, 2001, is the 4th out of 1-4-7 of 6-7th day rule. Elul 26 = June 26 by God’s Clock, pointing to the ides of March, which is the year 2015, resembling June 26, 2015 was the date when the United States had legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in all 50 states. By God’s Calendars threefold method, it shows up the warning of 9-11, by Tammuz 9 and Tammuz 11 in two other calendars on this same day. This will be further explained in another post. Elul 26 is also linked with Kislev 14 on November 27, 2018. The ides of March is interconnected with the crucifixion, for the 6th seal mirrors the pattern of the crucifixion, and being on a Wednesday, confirms November 28th, 2018 being on a Wednesday as well. This will be a Passover, exactly like Pi, because it will be in the form of the 3 days of darkness, where the left behind lukewarm Christians and unbelievers will be given the chance to be saved, by the visitation of Jesus during that time, while the Bride shall be in the heavenly realm for a time, for her training. Kislev 14 is thus, equalized with Nissan 14. Please see chart for details.

Pi also pertains to the rainbow. Rainbow, as seen from the ground level is a semi-circle, however, when it is looked from above, is a circle. Pi is a circle. Just as in the days of Noah, God has made a covenant with Noah about the rainbow. What happened in the past will repeat again in the future, which is right now, the end of times, for this generation is the generation that will witness the return of Christ Jesus. Nowadays, same-sex marriage is represented by the rainbow flag. The homosexual culture nowadays has been rampant in these last days. This is all connected back to the 9-11 warning that occurred back in June 26, 2015. It is confirming that we are back in the days of Noah and it means that the worldwide judgment of God is coming, because homosexuality is an abomination to God, for the VERY FIRST commandment that God has given to mankind, according to Genesis 1:28, was to “be fruitful and multiply”. To stop human reproduction is wickedly coming against God’s plan.

Since God’s Clock reads 2018 = 2015, by first new moon delay, Kislev 11 = September 11 was pushed to November 25, 2015. This is confirming Kislev 11 on November 24, 2018, for two different time zones. The first new moon delay will be explained in another post. This is confirming the location of Kislev 11, which is our gauge, for Pi is a number of judgment and transformation.