The 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks Continued & 3Pi

3Pi = 9. 424 777 960 76/ 9. 424 777 960 77

Lyar 5 will be on April 20th, 2018, which is equalized with April 24th, 2015, seeing it as 424, via God’s Calendars. These two are super significant dates, because the date in 2018 will hit the 70th mark of completion, from the birth of Israel. Back in 2015, was the sabbatical code, through the 67th mark of transformation code, counting from 1948. Genesis 4:24 also has reference to 3Pi, confirming the set of triple seven after 424. Genesis 4 did confirm the relationship with 2015, because of the East direction it mentioned, for 2015 points to East in God’s Clock. Also, it was decoded 666, through the mark that Cain was given, symbolizing the mark of the beast and also through the slaying of 3 men, which is against the 6th commandment, by both Cain and Lamech.

If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold. – Genesis 4:24

To get to 77 from 7, is multiplied by 11. The crucifixion itself, of 3 crosses, are decoded 777, because according to the dual alphabetical system, the letter t, resembling the cross, equals to 7. Separating the numbers into 7 and 77, also was not accidental. The number 1 = 7 by God’s Clock, it is a confirmation to the speculated time of transformation, in November, 2018 and rapture in January, 2019, as 11 and 1, which is 77 and 7 at the same time. There is also an importance of pushing Tishri, the seventh month, into November, as 7-11. This will be explained in another post, about the first new moon delay, pushing Tishri 1 from September to October, based on Exodus 34:22. Pushing from September to October is also a sabbatical code, because it is pushing from 6:00 to 7:00 in God’s Clock.

As attached above, since Tishri 1 is delayed from September 10th, 2018 to October 10th, 2018, Tishri 29 lands onto November 7th, 2018, ironically, is seen as 7-11 from Genesis 4:24. Tishri 29-30 by the Jewish calendar and Cheshvan 24-25 by Enoch’s calendar are highlights. Tishri 29 is a sabbatical code, which will be explained in another post, about Daniel 9 calculation. It is a huge marker for the transformation date. Cheshvan 24-25 = November 24-25, as the speculated transformation date, which is confirming via God’s Calendars method.

Boy oh boy. Now, it really shows the relationship between 2018 = 2015, by the code 424. By Enoch’s calendar, it is Tishri 29-30 on October 13-14, 2015. This was a SUPER HUGE MARKER!!! Daniel 9 calculation landed onto October 13th, 2015. This is then equalized with November 7th, 2018, Tishri 29. The Daniel 9 calculation pertains to the great market crash back on September 17th, 2001 and the greatest market crash in a single day on September 29th, 2008. Then, it is connected with October 13th, 2015, which is referring to the date, Tishri 29 is a date of JUDGMENT, linking up with Cheshvan 24-25 = November 24-25, 2018. Because, the days between the date of 2001 and 2008 is 2,570 days and adding 2,570 days from the date in 2008, lands onto October 13th, 2015.

There is the sabbatical code again, behind September 17th, 2001 and September 29th, 2008, so it means Tishri 29 is a date for both judgment and transformation. This is also backed up by Genesis 7 and Genesis 29. Not going into more details, because it will be further explained in another post. 9/17 is actually equally seen as 6/17 by God’s Calendars, whereas 6 + 1 = 7, is a transformation code 67. The number 6 is the number of man and the number 1, is the number of God, infused into the man, so it becomes 7, of the incorruptible state. Also September 29, 2008 was a sabbatical code, because it was the code 7776-7777, which is explained in the 2019 great tribulation post.

3Pi = 9. 424 777 960 76/ 9. 424 777 960 77

As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. – Psalm 103:12

The dual alphabetical system has decoded Pi  = 911. 3Pi, is thus 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks. 9-11 terrorist attack means the falling of high places. On that day, it was decoded 12-21, which is a code of judgment, that will be explained further in another post. But, to briefly explain about the two “high” towers that fell, was a forewarning of judgments to come. This means that there will be judgments upon 3 places, including California, New York City and Israel. This is confirmed by the time zones, according to Psalm 103:12 and Jerusalem being at 10pm, while New York City at 3pm at the same time and California at 12pm at the same time as well. The 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks is directly related to the coming 6th seal and its surrounding events. The judgments against those 3 places, shall occur for 9 times, within the little eve code of the shipwrecks that Paul was wrecked thrice.

Adam and Eve, with their fig leaf…this will too be posted about the mirroring of Genesis 3-4. According to 1-4-7 of the 6-7th day rule, based on Exodus 24:16, the first day, all three places, Israel, California and New York City shall be judged, then the fourth day, the 6th seal, shall be a worldwide quake, finally the seventh day, according to Matthew 28, there will be another earthquake at the end of the 3 days of darkness, which is a form of judgment again. It is interesting that there is a colon between 103 and 12, for a colon means a pause. There will be a pause between the time, when the unprecedented earthquake in California, the West coast, will be splitting the land of America towards the direction of New York City, the East coast, during that short pause shall be the transformation, according to Euler’s number equation. 3 pause 12 is matching the time zones of New York City at 3pm and California at 12pm.

3Pi = 9. 424 777 960 76/ 9. 424 777 960 77

This is also confirming about the ninth month, Kislev 11-12 being on November 24-25, 2018 by Enoch’s calendar. We see Pi and now, we see Kislev 11!!! Kislev 11 = September 11. This is speculated as the date of first call transformation, on 24-25th of November, 2018 = May 24-25, 2015 Pentecost, Sivan 6-7 sabbatical code. 960 hours = 40 days. This is confirming about the 3 days and 40 days rule crucifixion, burial, resurrection, transfiguration and ascension pattern. Then rounding up the numbers 76-77, is a sabbatical code, confirming 5776-5777, that will occur in 2019, January = Tishri/ October, 2016, Rosh Hashanah, that was revealed in Genesis 7 worldwide judgment chapter. Counting 40 days later from November, would land onto January, again, forming the pattern of Genesis 4:24, 7-77 or 1-11. January, 2019, is therefore validated as the time of the rapture, the acceptable timeframe would be 40 days later from December 1, 2018 would be January 10th, 2019. From 40-42 weeks of pregnancy, the acceptable timing would be January 10-25th, 2019 rapture boundary. There is NO way beyond 42 weeks of pregnancy, simply because the baby would be DEAD. God’s Clock reads a day as a week, so 40 days = 40 weeks equally.