The 7 Days of Creation, Crucifixion & 6th Seal

This is numbered the first, which is the 7 days of creation, from Elul 25, Sunday to Tishri 2, Saturday.

This is numbered the second, which is the crucifixion, from Nissan 11, Sunday to Nissan 17, Saturday.

This is numbered the third, which is the coming 6th seal surrounding events, from Kislev 12, Sunday, November 25, 2018 to Kislev 18, Saturday, December 1, 2018. Since the time zones are different, America would be November 24, 2018, while Australia, for instance, shall be one day forward on November 25, 2018. The same for November 30, 2018 in America and December 1, 2018 in Australia, for example.

Learning from The Patterns

Learning from the first and second timeframe, the third is being related and can be referenced with the 7 days of creation and crucifixion of Christ to the coming 6th seal and first call transformation surrounding events. The reason the 6th seal is connected with the 7 days of creation and crucifixion of Christ. Let’s break it down into the 1-4-7 rule by the 6-7th day rule below.

First day of the seventh:

  1. Lights and darkness were created
  2. Three hours of eclipse
  3. First call transformation

Fourth day of the seventh:

  1. Sun, moon and stars were created
  2. Christ was crucified on the cross
  3. Global quake and three days of darkness

Seventh day of the seventh:

  1. God rested on the seventh day Sabbath
  2. Christ was resurrected after His burial
  3. Forty-days bridal ministry begins

Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you. – Habakkuk 1:5

First of all, let’s look at the first day of the seventh. The barley bride will walk 3 days in her transformed body during the cosmic warning as described in Matthew 16 of the red skies, prior to the falling of the worldwide quake and darkness. During the first day of the seventh day creation, lights and darkness were created, resembling the following scripture of Psalm 18:28 and 103:12, which are transformation verses. It said about how God shall enlighten our darkness and from the West (darkness) to the East (light), that our transgressions are forgiven, which echoes to the first day judgment in the form of a major earthquake, against the West (darkness) coast of America; California to the East (light) coast of America; New York City. Before the East shall be hit, the bride shall be transformed. The three hours of eclipse = three days of darkness, for God’s Clock equates an hour as a day, for God’s timing is different than man’s timing. Thus, going by this method, when Joseph (meaning “God shall increase”) buried Jesus with a white linen cloth, shall be pushed backward from the third day to the first day transformation.

Secondly, the fourth day of the seventh back in the days of creation were the sun, moon and stars created, which directly link up with the coming time of the global quake and three days of darkness, as known as the sixth seal, because in Revelation 6 mentions that the sun shall be turned into darkness, the moon shall be turned into blood and the stars of heaven shall be fallen upon the earth. The coming sixth seal event will also be directly connected with the pattern of crucifixion, because the coming global quake and three days of darkness will match how the earth did quaked and the three days of burial back then post-crucifixion.

Thirdly, the seventh day of the seventh when God rested on the Sabbath, means a day that is set apart, a day of blessing, a day of sanctification and day of completion. By no accident that it has four meanings on this seventh day, which is reflecting the sabbatical code 7777. The day of resurrection was a day that was set apart, because Jesus was transfigured from His earthly body. It was a day of blessing, because it shows the victory of the cross, a day of sanctification, as it shows that our sins are forgiven through the victory of the cross and a day of completion, for the work of the cross was finished. This also relates to the end of the coming worldwide three days of darkness and the start of the forty-days bridal ministry, due to the bride shall follow the same pattern of Jesus, as both of them were crucified of their flesh on the cross. The bride shall descend from her training in heaven to earth for the coming harvest before the actual rapture.

Therefore, since the first and the second were both on a Sunday, it confirms the finding of the third starting on a Sunday as well. November 25, 2018, sunset to November 24 will be on a Sunday, matching the first day of creation being on a Sunday and the crucifixion timeline, going backwards of three days from the crucifixion on Wednesday would be Sunday as well. Then, matching the Wednesday crucifixion on November 28, 2018, which will be on a Wednesday. Finally, the final day on Saturday of both the first and the second was a pattern for the speculated end of 3 days of darkness, December 1, 2018, which will too be on a Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath.

The 7 days of creation spanning from Elul 25 to Tishri 2 and the crucifixion spanning from Nissan 11 to Nissan 17 was a pattern for the coming 6th seal and its surrounding events by the 6-7th day rule. Please refer to another post about the first new moon delay of how November 24-25, 2018 shall be seen as December 24-25, 2018 at the same time, which is Christmas EVE and Christmas day. This then can be equated with Elul 25 and forward via God’s Calendars method. Ironically, Nissan 11-17 timeframe looks alike with Kislev 11-17 = September 11-17, 2001 timeframe. The first month, Nissan, can be seen as the ninth month, for Tishri, which is the first month is equalized with Nissan and being misaligned in September. Hence, Nissan 11-17 can be seen as Kislev 11-17.