The Sub-Stations of 6-7th Day Rule of 9-11

And the glory of the Lord abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud. – Exodus 24:16

There are sub-stations and core-stations in God’s Calendars, which are being coded sabbatical, based on the 9-11 terrorist attack frame with Exodus 24. The 6-7th day rule is the frame of the coming 6th seal and its surrounding events. There are 7 days in total, but it is the 7th day with 6 solid days within. Sub-stations are the sub-references to connect with the core stations. The 9-11 timeframe was of huge significance, because it was a guideline to the coming 6th seal and its surrounding events by the 6-7th day rule, which pertains to the coming First Call Transformation.

The 6-7th day rule in reference from September 11-17th, 2001 goes like this:

There is the highlight of the 1st day, 4th day and 7th day, which is September 11, 2001, September 14, 2001 and September 17, 2001, respectively. This pattern is based on the biblical pattern of Matthew 27’s timing. Elul 28-Tishri 3 is Enoch’s Calendar. Elul 24-Tishri 1 is Elijah’s Calendar. Elul 23-Elul 29 is Jewish Calendar. The great market crash was on Elul 29 on September 17, 2001. So, this reference can be connected to the core station of the first call transformation, speculated on November 24-25, 2018, running the 6-7th days rule until November 30-December 1, 2018.

September 12, 2001 was of huge significance, which will be explained in another post about the midnight hour 12/12/12. By Enoch’s calendar, it is Elul 29 = September 12, 2001 = September 17, 2001. The great market crash signifies huge judgment on September 12, which runs sunset to September 11 in two different time zones. (Sorry, need to shout to emphasize it) EVERYTHING ALWAYS GO BACK TO SEPTEMBER 12!!! This is being equalized with the date in the core station.

Elul 23 is the first highlight, then Elul 26 is the second and Elul 29 is the third. This is the 1-4-7 of the 6-7th day rule, which the first is the perpetual set reference for the coming first call transformation, the second is for the 6th seal event and the third is the end of the 3 days of darkness, plus another earthquake for the third time. So it means, when the first call transformation occurs, it ALWAYS connect back to September 11, 2001, then the 6th seal ALWAYS connect back to September 14, 2001 and the start of the 40 days harvest before the rapture ALWAYS connect back to September 17, 2001. For time zone difference, would be September 11-12, September 14-15 (which, by the way is the Ides of March, to be explained in another post) and September 17-18.

This is another sub-station by the 6-7th day rule. Elul 23-Elul 29, SAME PATTERN!! When seeing this frame, we can see that the 1-4-7 would be September 6, 2015, September 9, 2015 and September 12, 2015. This would be another layer to be applied to the core station. Automatically, we can then convert September 6-7, 2015 as June 6-7, 2015, which is the sabbatical code. This is the first day of the seventh for the transformation timeframe.

November 24-30, 2018 = August 24-30, 2018 and November 25-December 1, 2018 = August 25-31, 2018. There is a crucifixion code that is super important, which will be explained in another post about the Euler’s Number. Elul 11-Elul 17 again follows the same pattern, in which God’s Calendars read it the same as September 11-17. So the 1-4-7 to be referenced, would be the highlights of August 24-25, then August 27-28 and August 30-31.

This is yet another sub-station that has not been highlighted too obviously, which is from June 23-29, 2015. The 1-4-7 of the 6-7th day rule is June 23-24 (first call transformation), then June 26-27 (6th seal) and June 29-30 (end of 3 days of darkness, see Matthew 28). This is filled with layers of meaning behind this sub-reference to connect to the core station. June 26, 2015 was the time when the United States had legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in all 50 states. Judgment! The 6th seal will be a worldwide judgment in the form of an earth quake. Also, June 23-24, 2015 was the second Pentecost, counting from the second Passover. Pentecost is itself a sabbatical code, because Sivan 6-7 is coded 67 and the second Pentecost landed on Tammuz 6-7.

This is another layer upon those layers already mentioned. These layers merge on top of each other, one after another, after another and after another at the same time. This sub-station is again following the 6-7th day rule of September 11-17, 2001. September 23, 2017 was the Revelation 12 sign in the sky. This runs the same with September 11, 2001, for God’s Calendars reads these two dates the SAME, from its relationship with Elul 23. So the 1-4-7 here can be seen as September 23, then September 26 and September 29. Deliverance of a child! Transformation! It means that when God’s Calendars see November 24-25, 2018 can be seen as September 23 also. The first call transformation is the FIRSTBORN, just as the death of the firstborn back in the days of Exodus; the 10th plague. There will be two groups of bride of Christ who will be given birth to, the barley will be the first and the wheat will be second, birthing from the corruptible to the incorruptible body.