First Call Transformation By Sabbatical Procedure

God’s Clock shows that right now we are in 2018 is now back to 2015 at the same time, meaning the current 70th mark of completion from the birth of Israel is on the same page with the 67th mark of transformation. Everything needs to be done by the Sabbatical procedure for the speculation of the first call transformation. Using the 2015 calendar right now, we are targeting code 67, for Israel was 67 years old back then. Then, we target the Pentecost of 2015, which was on May 24-25, 2015/ Sivan 6-7. The reason to target Pentecost is due its sabbatical elements, being code 67. Ironically, it also resembles the following verse. Pentecost is the time of the infusion of the Holy Spirit into the believer, is the same as with the coming transformation, when the Holy Spirit will infuse the Bride completely transformed.

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. – Genesis 5:24

Sivan 6-7 is also connected to June 6-7 via God’s Clock in 2015. Based on Enoch’s calendar, June 6-7 is Sivan 22-23, which is mirrored as Elul 23 = June 7, the date of the 9-11 attack, based on the Jewish calendar. There will be another post about Pi and 9-11, also the 6-7th day rule, which would be linked to this article. Then, using the golden rule of 3 via God’s Calendar, May 24-25, 2015 is equal to November 24-25, 2018, which by Enoch’s calendar is Kislev 11-12, which is equally seen as September 11-12. On the date of November 24-25, 2018 will be another sabbatical code of 6666-7777, for being the 4th Saturday and 4th Sunday. Also, referencing back to Genesis 7 calculation, when November is backwards to August at the same time via God’s Clock method, it creates yet another sabbatical code of 7777, because November points to 20:00 direction and August points to 17:00 direction, making up as 2017, which 20 = 17, 1717 would be 7777, for 1 = 7. This is the route of the Israelites passing across the Red Sea. The First Call Transformation will be surrounded by the 6th seal event, which will be in the form of a Passover itself, confirming the quadrant portion between November to August.

Read the visual walkthrough here: