The Rapture & Great Tribulation Begins 2019

Genesis 7 Calculation of 2016 Worldwide Judgment

Genesis 7 has divided the worldwide judgment into 3 separate accounts, describing the same thing in 3 different ways, which is Genesis 7:1-7, v. 8-12 and v. 13-24. These 3 groups of verses as 7 x 12 x 24 = 2016, is confirming Genesis 7:2-4, 10. Genesis 7:2-4, 10 is found to be the Sabbatical Code, consisting of 4 times of “seven” as 7777, which is reflecting the sabbatical code of 2016’s Rosh Hashanah on October 2-4, exactly resembling the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 10 through these four verses. The sabbatical code of 2016’s Rosh Hashanah is 5776-5777 on Elul 29 of October 2. This is the key.

January 2019 = Tishri 2016 via God’s Clock. January 2019 is Gregorian new year, but it is also Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, as it will be going back to October 2016. This means that January 2019 is a sabbatical coded month, having the connection with 5776-5777, which pertains to the coming glorified body of the Bride through the Rapture. Rosh Hashanah was the time Adam and Eve were created, which is the man and woman, Jesus the second Adam and His Bride, merging two in one flesh, just as described in Genesis 2, where Adam and Eve “shall be one flesh” in verse 24.

Ironically, knowing that nothing is by accident, October 2 mimics 102 minutes frame of the 9-11 terrorist attack back in 2001. The year 2019 = 2001, for they are in the same family of group 1, group 1 of Enoch’s portion. Enoch was described in Genesis 5:24 that he was taken to heaven without tasting death, which was a pattern for the coming Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The 9-11 attack was coded 1221, a number of both judgment of the sinners and exaltation of the Bride.

The calculation of Genesis 7:2-4, 10 came in the following numbers.

  • 72 x 73 x 74 x 710 = 276 150 240
  • 276 + 150 + 240 = 666
  • 72 + 73 + 74 + 710 = 929

It was the 276th day on October 2, 2016, it was too the year when Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. There were 276 number of people saved from the shipwreck in Acts 27: 37. This chapter about the shipwreck pertains to the coming 6th seal worldwide earthquake and 3 days of darkness. 40 weeks = 6720 hours (reading it backwards in Hebrew way is 276). Pregnancy takes around 40 weeks and this echoes to the midnight cry at the time of the 6th seal, the cry is the cry of the firstborn, the firstborn is the transformation of the barley bride. This confirms the equation that fits for the 6th seal.

This positions the 6th seal event with the properties of 150 and 240, which is 240 degrees and 150 degrees. 240 degrees hit at 20:00 at November/Cheshvan direction and 150 degrees hit at 17:00 at August/Av direction. Av is decoded 122, means the beginning of the end, for the bible started with Genesis 1 and ended at Revelation 22. This degree range is exactly a quadrant and it means that they are equalized via God’s Clock. This is the route of the Israelites towards the Passover Red Sea. Counting back the 40 days rule and 3 days rule of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, resurrection and ascension timeframe, November 2018 is then the feasible timing of the first call transformation. Hitting from 20:00 to 17:00 then creates the sabbatical code 7777.

The mark of the beast is 666, which will be mandatory to be taken at the time of the Great Tribulation. 2018 is the direction of 666, for it is back to the year of 2015, with the properties of June/March, which 3 of 6 is 666. Moreover, this is pointing to 2018-2019 sabbatical code, which will be explained in another post of its combination. This shows that 2016 is the year of the Great Tribulation, being equalized with the year 2019.

Since during the time of the Great Tribulation, it will be mandatory to take the mark either on one’s forehead or in the hand, in order to buy and sell. Cashless society and advanced technology shall be introduced, but it will be false peace and a great deception coming, for those who do not know the truth of the scripture. The scripture has warned that the RFID healthcare chip implant, that is already available nowadays to be taken voluntarily, is NOT a precursor as so many would think. During the time of the Great Tribulation, those who put their faith in Christ, profess their faith to authorities, reject taking the RFID healthcare chip implant in any form, having to endure severe persecution of Christians worldwide, widespread hunger, a fear that will reign upon the earth, at the same time risking oneself to sudden destruction. If one is caught in sudden destruction, without the salvation of Jesus Christ, one would be sent directly to hell and eternal damnation. Those who will be left behind, it will not be easy for them to get to heaven, even though there may be a second chance, through being physically, mentally tortured and eventually martyred/ beheaded for Christ’s sake during that darkest of time ever in history. So this is a warning.

Back in 2008, there was the sabbatical code of 7776-7777 on September 29, reflecting this number 929, relating to October 2, 2016 timeframe. 2008 was the year that was pointing to 8:00, exactly to 240 degrees, at November direction. This shows that the month of November is coded sabbatical. The code 7776-7777, appeared during the time of the greatest market crash in a single day in U.S. during the year 2008. Adding the year 2008 + Hebrew year 5768 = 7776 and 2008 + 5769 = 7777 is a transition code for this coming November 2018, first call transformation high watch. Also, it dropped to -777.6, but rounding it up would be -777.7, which created another sabbatical code of -777.6 to -777.7.

For more details in regards of Elul 29 in 2008, please refer to God’s Calendars under the download section.

Israel’s Highest Rainfall is all-time in January

Genesis 7 was the greatest rain of flood during the worldwide judgment, echoes to the highest rainfall in Israel, which has always been in January. Pattern repeats. Israel is the gauge, because this is God’s Holy Land, even with God’s Clock, His Holy Land, Israel, is being superimposed as the Center of the world in His sight, to base on for the position of His Clock.

The Mirroring of Passover in January 2019

January 2019 = April 2019 via God’s Clock method, so we will be in the timeframe of Passover in January 2019. The timing of Passover is very significant, for it is the timing of redemption through the Blood of The Lamb. Therefore, the high watch time of the rapture boundary is January 10-31, 2019. January 10 hits at the 40th mark, therefore it could be close to this date when the rapture occurs, but no one knows the day or the hour, just as the mother knows not the day or the hour of the birth of her child, although she knows that after hitting the 40th mark, she is about to give birth at any moment. When they shall say “peace and safety”, sudden destruction shall come. This is connected to 2016, April’s peace agreement.

120 Years Tolerance of God & The Sabbatical Code

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. – Genesis 6:3

Genesis 6:3 has mentioned of 120 years, which is another confirmation on top of other evidences as stated above, for the year 2016 pointing to 4:00/16:00 hits at 120 degrees on God’s Clock. 2016 is the sabbatical code resembled by Tammuz and July as 4 and 7 as 7777. The number 120 is the maximum tolerance of God upon this wicked generation, then the next chapter, Genesis 7 was the worldwide judgment and so as with this generation. 2019 = 2016 by the golden rule of 3 via God’s Clock method.

The sabbatical code 7776-7777 is then introduced, when 5777 is commenced, as it overlaps in both years 2016-2017. Via God’s Clock, pointing to 20:00 hits back 3 steps is 17:00, leading to 20 = 17, whereas 1717 = 7777, for 1 = 7. Rosh Hashanah is the seventh month, but also is the beginning of months, the first month of the Jewish month also, folded with Nissan at the same time. Thus, 2016-2017 is seen as 7776-7777 at the same time, which will occur in January 2019 again.