Construction of God’s Clock and Calendars

The 3 Keys of Calendars

There are 3 types of calendars to be used simultaneously. Jesus represents the Jewish Calendar. Enoch is the father of time, so it must be used. Both Enoch and Elijah were both taken to heaven without tasting death. This follows the pattern of the Bride of Christ who will be raptured to heaven without tasting death. Jesus also was ascended into heaven, symbolizing the rapture, after His 40 days of ministry on the earth, transfigured.

1. Enoch’s Calendar (Group 1 – first born)
2. Elijah’s Calendar (Group 2 – second born)
3. Jesus/ Jewish Calendar (Group 3 – third born)

The Construction of God’s Clock

Israel is always the gauge, thus the 12 hours in God’s Clock are  primarily based on the 12 months of the Jewish Calendars, then the secondary layer would be the 12 months of the Gregorian Calendars, based on the primary Jewish layout.

1:00 = Nissan (1st month) / April
2:00 = Lyar (2nd month) / May
3:00 = Sivan (3rd month) / June
4:00 = Tammuz (4th month) / July
5:00 = Av (5th month) / August
6:00 = Elul (6th month) / September
7:00 = Tishri (7th month) / October
8:00 = Cheshvan (8th month) / November
9:00 = Kislev (9th month) / December
10:00 = Tevet (10th month) / January
11:00 = Shevat (11th month) / February
12:00 = Adar (12th month) / March

There are 2 Jewish new year, one is Nissan and the other is Tishri as the beginning of months. This is then folded into half for each 30 degrees section of the clock, when it is divided into 12 sections of the clock’s 360 degrees circumference. Dividing the 30 degrees into 6 sub-sections, it would be 5 degrees per month. Each section out of the 12 would then be the year.

Sub-section 1: first/ seventh month (0-5°)
Sub-section 2: second/ eighth month (5-10°)
Sub-section 3: third/ ninth month (10-15°)
Sub-section 4: fourth/ tenth month (15-20°)
Sub-section 5: fifth/ eleventh month (20-25°)
Sub-section 6: sixth/ twelve month (25-30°)

Since there are 2 Jewish new year, when folded, the 7th month Tishri is equal to the first month, Nissan and January. Nissan is the beginning of months, but so as Tishri is the 1st month. This is another type of conversion, when 7 can be seen as 1.

Tishri (7th month) / Jul = Nissan (1st month) / Jan
Cheshvan (8th month) / Aug = Lyar (2nd month) / Feb
Kislev (9th month) / Sep = Sivan (3rd month) / Mar
Tevet (10th month) / Oct = Tammuz (4th month) / Apr
Shevat (11th month) / Nov = Av (5th month) / May
Adar (12th month) / Dec = Elul (6th month) / Jun

There are 4 directions the clock is pointing to also. When the scriptures point to the East direction, for instance in Genesis 3-4, there must be a reason why it was East with the clock.

North Gate: 12:00 – Adar/ March (Midnight)
East Gate: 3:00 – Sivan/ June (Light)
South Gate: 6:00 – Elul/ September (Division)
West Gate: 9:00 – Kislev/ December (Darkness)

The Clock of God is also superimposed with the world map, based on Israel; His Holy Land the center of His Eyes. The geographic location or the place of where the world events occurred have its meaning behind, when the clock points to a certain direction. There are 2 pointers in God’s Clock. The first pointer of the clock is the land of Israel between 6:00-7:00 (Elul to Tishri) and the second pointer is the Passover Red Sea, which points to the year 2017 in its second sub-section. This means that the first Passover and the second Passover are linked up with the timing of the second or the eighth month.

See Example Listed Below:

Egypt – 6:00 to 9:00 in God’s Clock
Israel – 6:00 to 7:00 in God’s Clock

God’s Clock Pointers

1. The Land of Israel (between 6:00-7:00)
2. Passover Red Sea (20-17 minutes quadrant)